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Please read the General Rules & Regulations Below before purchasing a vendor space. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of your vendor space and no refund will be provided. IMPORTANT: All online sales incur a processing fee.


Save your vendor space this year for the upcoming Juneteenth Celebration.  This selection requires that the tongue and lift of the truck fit into a 12x12 spot. If it does not, purchasers will be required to purchase more than one space. 

12x12 Food Trucks Only

  • Please NOTE: If the size of the food truck registered here is larger than a 12x12 size, purchasers will be required to purchase two spaces. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of vendor space. No refunds will be provided.


  1. The registration fees are: $60.00 - Information/Arts & Crafts, Food Booths $75.00 & Food Trucks $100.00 The prices are per space. This must be paid by May 24, 2024. There will be a late fee of $25.00 after May 24, 2024. No Food Booths or Food Trucks will be admitted on the day of the event. No vending spots available after June 7th, 2024. All spaces are 12 ft. x 12 ft. There will be a $25.00 service fee on all returned checks. All spaces (Arts/Crafts/Information) will be reserved and assigned on a first come, first served basis.  If your vehicle is larger than 12 ft. by ft. you will need to pay an additional $50.00 for your spaces.   WILL NEED MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR TRUCK. Online orders incur a processing fee.

  2. Make all checks, cash or money orders payable to:  IMPACT, Inc./Statesville Juneteenth Committee. 

  3. All Food Vendors must complete an Iredell County Temporary Food Service Application by May 24, 2024. If a vendor is shut down for any reason, there will be no refund given.

  4. Set Up:  Vendors may start setting up at your designated time on the day of the event. All vendors must set up in the space marked. You cannot set up on the sidewalk, behind the sidewalk or on the grass. All vehicles must be out of the vending area by 10:30 am. Spaces are marked on the pavement. If more space is needed, you will need to purchase an additional spot based on availability. Request must be made by May 24, 202 Each vendor spot should be labeled with the vendor’s name visible at all times.

  5. Equipment:  Vendors will need to supply their own table(s), chairs, tents and drop cords. If you have open fire, grill, Sterno cans, or any heating device, COOKING FOOD VENDORS YOU MUST HAVE FIRE EXTINGUISHER VISIBLE.

  6. Clean-Up:  The vendor will be responsible for cleaning up around their own space. Trash bins will be available. If the area is not left clean, you will incur a $50.00 clean-up fee. Do not pour grease/oil out. . . Put in leak proof container and take it with you.

  7. Please make sure your contact information is clear and legible. No changing of vending items not listed on the application for the event.

  8. If the event is cancelled, there will be a rain date and your payment will cover the rain date.  If you choose not to participate on the rain date, you will receive 50% of your payment back.  Rain/make-up date is June 29th.

  9. No vehicle will be allowed on the event site until after 6:00 pm. Do not dismantle or move any tents, tables, etc. during the event time.

  10. This event is a family-oriented event. Please sell/display clean and decent merchandise. Illegal and indecent sales will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave.

  11. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will forfeit your vendor space. No refund will be given.


For further information call:               

(704) 880 - 1028                        Sharon Brown

(704) 682 - 0982                       Valerie Chambers

(704)  252 - 1108                       Nickey Mott

(704) 880 -8087                       Mahasin El-Amin

Not responsible for injury, loss, or damage to person or property.

Make checks and money orders to:  IMPACT, Inc/Juneteenth Committee

All payments are due by May 24th 2024. PAYMENTS RECEIVED AFTER MAY 24TH INCUR  A $25 LATE FEE.

Spaces will be assigned according to your needs.  This is done to comply with the NC Fire codes.  Send this completed application to:


IMPACT, Inc/Statesville Juneteenth Committee

P. O. Box 5144

Statesville, NC   28687-5144

No vendor will be allowed to set up unless payment has been received. All vendors can set-up at your designated assigned time until 10:30 am.  ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OUT OF THE EVENT AREA BY 10:30 am.

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